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In the last 20 years, college tuition has risen 179% for private universities and over 296% for in-state tuition and fees at public universities. The Educational Foundation of Theta Delta Chi works to ensure that scholarships are given to deserving recipients in an effort to defray these exorbitant costs.

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To our undergraduate and graduate students, you still have time to apply for a 2022 Educational Foundation Scholarship. It’s quick and easy. This page will walk you through the process.

Fill Out Application

The application is available in a printable PDF or an online form.

Academic Transcript

Have your institution send a copy of your transcript to the TDX Educational Foundation @ 214 Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA 02110 or Due to current events verified unofficial transcripts will also be accepted.

Personal Statement

Mail or e-mail us a typed letter to the Scholarship Committee indicating your reasons for seeking an award. More info below!

Letters of Recommendation

Signed letters of recommendation can be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to us directly, by you, or your recommender.

Help Available

Systems Administrator Kay McNUlty-Davila is able to give you 1 on 1 consultation on the application process Monday to Friday 11AM to 6PM EDT via 1-800-999-1847 Ext. Zero and at

Undergraduates & Graduates

Both Undergraduate and Graduate students may apply.


Apply Today

The Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation, Inc., awards scholarships annually, by competition, for undergraduate and graduate study at recognized institutions of higher learning. Applications are usually made available by April 1st each year with a completion deadline of June 15th of the same year. To encourage participation we will accept application materials until the end of June.

Awards are usually made in the summer and are payable in October upon receipt of proof of registration for the current academic period.


Applications for Educational Foundation scholarships will be judged on the basis of the candidates' history of service to Theta Delta Chi Fraternity, their Scholastic achievements, and their financial need. Awards will not be reduced, nor applications denied, should the candidate obtain scholarship support from any other source.

Persons not actively performing service to Theta Delta Chi at the time of applying may be considered by petition. Place the petition in your personal statement.

Submission Information

Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation

Scholarship Committee
c/o K. Davila
214 Lewis Wharf
Boston, MA 02110
Subject: Scholarship Application [Last Name] [Material Attached]

FAX: 617-742-8868

Phone: 1-800-999-1847 Ext. Zero



Application Checklist:

In some cases submission suggestions listed here differ from the official application. In those cases, this document is most accurate.
Candidates must have all materials submitted by June 30th.

  1. Completed Scholarship Application
    You may print and mail the official application, submit a filled out scanned PDF of the application, try our new online form, or send us an e-mail ( or a text-document with the information.
  2. Official Transcript
    Submit an official transcript from each institution of higher learning where you have registered for coursework, signed by the Registrar, including your grades for the most recent completed term. You may have the University transmit them to us directly. If there is a financial or logistical barrier to acquiring an official transcript in time, you may submit a placeholder copy from your records (screenshots, record prints) until an official one arrives.
  3. Personal Statement
    Submit a typed letter to the Scholarship Committee indicating your reasons for seeking an award and including an explanation of your need for financial assistance; your achievements and honors in college; a description of your service to Theta Delta Chi Fraternity and elsewhere in your community; and a statement of your goals for the future. Those who are not actively performing service to Theta Delta Chi at the time of applying should furnish an additional statement explaining why Theta Delta Chi should assist them.
  4. Letters of Recommendation
    Submit two (2) letters of recommendation to the Scholarship Committee. These letters should testify to your character and potential as a student and should be from someone, other than a member of your family, who knows you and your work. Letters from a dean or other college official, a professor, a Charge or house corporation officer, an alumni association officer, or an employer would be appropriate examples. The signed letters of recommendation can be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to us directly, by you, or your recommender.

Named Scholarships

  • Porter Scholarship: Made possible by a gift from Mr. Donald A. Noveau, Beta ’70 (Cornell) in memory of his stepfather Dr. William L. Porter, BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University. Amount: $1000; preference is given to a candidate excelling in chemistry or another science.
  • Davenport Family Foundation Scholarships: Made possible by a gift from the Davenport Family Foundation. Amount: $4000. To receive consideration for this award by the Scholarship Committee, applicants must be able to demonstrate the following attributes: Active membership in good standing at any active charge or colony in the Theta Delta Chi Fraternity; US or Canadian citizenship; must be entering their Junior or Senior year of college; A minimum grade point average of 3.0; Eligibility for a Federal Stafford Loan (so as to demonstrate financial need); Involvement in any non-fraternity extracurricular activity on campus or in the community; and Service to the

  • If you qualify for either named Scholarship, we will try to identify you as a candidate. If you feel you meet the qualifications for either or both, please ask to be considered for the named scholarship at the end of your personal statement.

Additional Requirements
Applicants selected to receive scholarships will be notified by mail by September 15th and asked to provide the Educational Foundation with the following: 1. Proof of enrollment in an accredited institution for the following semester; 2. Proof that an amount at least equal to that of the scholarship was paid to the institution by the recipient; and 3. An academic transcript no more than 45 days after completion of the academic term for which the proof of enrollment is provided. * Awards will be disbursed beginning October 15th provided all requirements have been met by the applicant. The Educational Foundation may rescind or redirect awards offered to any applicant failing to provide complete requirements by December 15th.


Wall of Scholars

Patrick Tiernan, Chi Triton ’99, TDX Scholar, dedicated to John A. Vignol
Patrick Walls, Tau Tetraton ’16, TDX Scholar
Curtis Marfuta and Family, in celebration of Former Scholarship Recipient and Resident Advisor, Phillip Bannister-Marfuta, Theta Deuteron ’01
John M Zbesko, Theta Deuteron ’77, TDX Scholar
Peter Reid, Nu Triton ’02, TDX Scholar
Garrett Redweik, Upsilon Deuteron ’12, TDX Scholar
John Lowry, Theta Triton ’13, TDX Scholar
Taylor Early, Rho Triton ’92, TDX Scholar, Honoring Rob Kirby Pt, brother, friend, roommate and fellow alumni of TDC
Kevin Hahn, Delta Deuteron ’12, TDX Scholar, dedicated to Brandon Tsubaki, M.Ed.
Thomas Provost, Sigma Triton ’78, Former Scholarship Recipient, dedicated to 217 BOGEY DRIVE
Jonathan Warner, Upsilon Deuteron ’03, TDX Scholar
Alan Gnutti, Alpha ’72, TDX Academic
Richard Wood, Gamma Triton ’73, TDX Scholar, This donation is to honor my first and most important teachers – my parents
Phillip Bazan, Psi Deuteron ’96, TDX Scholar
Eric Kelley, Sigma Triton ’04, TDX Academic
Jeff Horton, Nu Triton ’90, TDX Scholar, dedicated to Mr. Bazak

Donors, send your graduation photos to